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Steiner Designs logo image

Graphic Design

Click any image below, then use your mouse OR the arrow keys to toggle through the images. Use ESC key to exit, or just click CLOSE.


granite rock grill
CAF logo
Trojan Firearms
studio extreme
Legendre Cellars logo
california academy of baseball logo
Visionary Lending logo
Lozano Smith Law Office logo
dam runners
Thumb-It logo
woodland community college seal
pacific power engineers logo
Bow Dazzle Bows logo
Bow Dazzle Bows logo

Ad Design

dr. dezham dental ad
fran dixon ad
wichert homes ad
regal custom homes ad
nick sadek ad
menke kaney ad
gayla mace ad
roy braatz ad
coffey ad
Aubrey Painting ad

Clothing Design

mike the poolman jersey
big ass biker
Roseville High School Dance Tees
la porte snowmobile
darrens underwater pool svc.
granite rock shirts
100 Percent True shirt design.
CAF shirts

Brochures & Booklets

carpet warehouse
Pacific Power Engineers brochure
CAF brochure
hubbs brochure
JDRF brochure
Sasso Bello Brochure
For One Another Foundation brochure
Karate brochure
JDRF gala cover for 2007.
JDRF gala cover for 2008
MWH cover
EMED booklet page 5

Business Cards

Carrie Beth For One Another Foundation business card
RLS Construction business card
Dynamic Body Chiropractic business card
pampered movers business card.
Mike Poolman pool electronics business card
Mike the Poolman underwater pool repair business card
Pacific Power Engineers business card
visionary lending business card.

Wine Label Design

Legendre Syrah Label
Legendre Cellars wine label design

Postcard Design

Legendre Cellars postcard 1.
Legendre Cellars postcard 2.
Legendre Cellars 3rd annual postcard
Postcard for Dynamic Body Chiropractic
Sasso Bello postcard
Postcard for Carpet Warehouse.

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